Life Science Oklahoma is the voice for Oklahoma’s dynamic and diverse life sciences and healthcare communities. In collaboration with partners statewide, Life Science Oklahoma works to:

  • Build Oklahoma’s image as an emerging leader in biosciences and life sciences
  • Foster productive bioscience and life science networks and partnerships
  • Provide education and information on topics both timely and relevant to the bioscience and life science community
  • Enhance Oklahoma’s bioscience and life science research and business climate
  • Educate elected officials and the public about the importance of supporting biosciences and life sciences in building our economy and improving our quality of life
  • Facilitates connections to investment capital
  • Develop entrepreneurial bioscience and life science talent and a skilled workforce

Collaboration & Leadership

Life Science Oklahoma is committed to bringing national and international awareness to key areas of the state’s biotech, drug manufacturing, agricultural science, veterinary medicine and healthcare industries, including therapeutics, diagnostics and biomanufacturing; medical and health technologies; and health and clinical care.

The coalition is led by the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber and supported by more than 55 partners across academia, government, industry, community, investors, and other key stakeholders in the Life Sciences sector.

The Co-Chairs of Life Science Oklahoma are Dr. Craig Shimasaki, co-founder and CEO of Moleculera Labs and Dr. Andrew Westmuckett, Director of Technology Ventures at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation.

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